I Bought Tickets for My Friends, Do I Need to Put Their Name On It

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In most cases you do not have to do this.  Once you purchase the tickets they are yours to do what you want with them.  But here are some common reasons why you might want to assign their names to the ticket.

  1. Tickets are at will call and all of you are going to be arriving at different times.  In which case you will want everyone to have their own name on the ticket so they can pick them up.  Your friends WILL NOT be able to pick up tickets under your name if theirs is not listed.  A text confirmation or a phone call will not change this policy.
  2. The event requires each ticket to have a single name attached to it.
  3. You are running a marathon and are part of a team.  Each member will have to have their name on the registration ticket.
  4. The E-Tickets were lost or were not printed and everyone needs their own copy from the box office.


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