I Lost the Email with my Ticket Information

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This happens from time to time.  Cat jumps on computer to post more pictures of himself on Facebook and hits delete on your email list.  An alien abducts your computer to learn more about human cultures.  Anything can happen these days and we will do our best to help you.  Unfortunately we had to let go all our psychics as they could never pick the winning lottery number.  You would think if they can all see into the future they could at least give us a heads up on some future winnings.  So with that said, in order for us to help you, we now need more information from you when you submit your support tickets other than "I can't find my tickets"

Please submit the following information when submitting a support ticket:


  1. Name the order was placed under
  2. Name of the event the ticket was purchased for
  3. Date of the event the ticket was purchased for
  4. Last 4 digits of the credit card used
  5. Email you would like your tickets to be resent to if different from what is listed on your account.


In addition you can log into the account you created when purchasing your ticket.  Here you can resend your tickets to yourself, change the delivery type and even add different names to the tickets.


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