It's the Day of the Event and I Lost My Ticket (Larger Events / Festivals)

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If you send in your support ticket on the same day of a major event, don't freak out if we can't get to it in time.  On most major events and festivals our staff is on hand and available to assist you at the box office.  If you lost your tickets, your ran out of ink and were not able to print your ticket, or you just don't remember the delivery method, one of our friendly staff members will be there to assist you.

If you placed an order through Loop 1 Tickets, you order will still be there the day of the show.  


Just have the following information with you when you arrive::

  1. Photo ID of the name the ticket was purchased under
  2. Credit Card the ticket was purchased with.
  3. If your Mom or Dad bought your ticket, please bring in a photo copy of their license and credit card they used.  These can be shredded once you check in.


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